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Welcome to Poetry Undiluted! After throwing so much poetry at you, it's high time that I introduce myself. My name is Alina Martel, and I am a poet and musician studying neuroscience at Yale University. While normally based in New Haven, Connecticut, the pandemic has me holed up in my hometown of Waconia, Minnesota. Most people do not know where Waconia is; that is okay. Some people do not know where Minnesota is; that is also okay. It is not okay, however, to spend far too much time talking about myself when there are poems to be read, so I will leave you with this: I am thrilled that you are here, and I hope that reading any of these poems will bring you joy, entertainment, peace, or any other kind of emotion, for that matter. I hope that they make you feel something, just as writing them did for me. Without further ado, go forth! Be curious. Be inquisitive. Stay for a while. 

For the extra curious...

Not in the mood to leave the 'About' page? Not a problem! Feel free to hang around and learn a tad more about how this website came to be, how this poetry came to be, and other factual nibbles.

The idea for Martel. Poetry Undiluted occurred to me during the fall semester of my first year at college. I had been writing poetry regularly for three or four years, and my collection was growing steadily. I only had one problem: very few people were seeing my work. While I had never hesitated to share my poems with my family, friends, and teachers, my small audience was becoming inundated with poetry on a consistent basis, and I realized that I needed a more relaxed, more comprehensive way to showcase the fruits of my labors. The idea for an online portfolio popped up shortly afterward, and this website began to grow.


Home to the best of my work, Martel. Poetry Undiluted showcases poetry of various styles on a range of different subjects, plucked from the most poignant moments and memorable phases of my life. Some poems are short, some poems are long, and some are still deciding. Some of them were written in a single sitting, and some required hours—even days—of revision. Some are about people; some are about love; some are about time. Some are about none of these things. All of them, however are me.


Poets write under all kinds of conditions: for some poets, it is best to devote a certain time of day to writing. For others, the best work happens spontaneously, whenever the urge to write is strongest. I am of this bunch. The desire to write a poem is an undeniable one, and it can spring up at any moment (with no regard for what the poet may be doing at the time, I might add). I have written poems on staircases, in closets, on sidewalks, in book margins, and in classrooms. Occasionally, I will get lucky, and I'll be at a table when the itch hits; this makes for the most comfortable writing. No matter the location, however, poetry is a release. It is a way to think and to feel. It is also a way to do neither. Whether the world feels too large or achingly small, poems are a wonderful medicine. This is why I write them, and it is why I share them, too.

Reading poems can be just fulfilling as writing them, and—as stated above—I hope that they bring you value. Perhaps something you find will carry echoes of your own life. Maybe it will call back an emotion that you have not felt for a while, or a moment that you have almost forgotten. You might feel puzzled in your perusal. You might laugh or give a skeptical 'hmm'. Maybe you'll feel a little pang in the sternum region. It is also possible that this kind of poetry (or any kind of poetry) is not your cup of preferred beverage. This can go many ways. However your visit goes today, I hope that it has been an interesting one, and maybe we'll meet again. Until then, happy reading!



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